The SEMY COLLECTION jigs are a perfect blend of functionality and visual appeal, designed specifically for fishing in medium to moderate current conditions. With weights starting at a solid 130 grams and going all the way up to an impressive 1030 grams, these jigs offer versatility and performance for various deep-sea fishing scenarios.

      The jigs feature a symmetric design, which is both visually pleasing and highly functional. The symmetry ensures a balanced presentation in the water, making the jig stable during the descent and retrieval. This balance is crucial when fishing in moderate currents, as it keeps the jig's action consistent and predictable, enabling anglers to present their lure effectively to target species.

      A distinctive aspect of the Semy Collection is the unbalanced weight distribution towards the bottom of the lure. This innovative design choice enhances the flutter action as the jig sinks, creating an enticing and erratic movement that mimics an injured baitfish—an irresistible target for predatory fish. The heavier bottom weight also allows the jig to reach the ocean floor swiftly, ensuring anglers can get to where the fish are feeding without delay.

      Every Semy Collection jig is constructed with a wire-through design, which significantly increases the lure's strength and durability. This feature is particularly important when targeting larger species that are known for their power and tenacity. The wire-through construction provides the confidence that the jig will hold up against the demanding conditions and the vigorous fights that come with deep-sea angling.

      In addition to their functional design, the Semy Collection jigs are finished with vibrant colors and a high-gloss coating that catches the light and stands out in the deep waters, attracting attention from afar. The combination of the jigs' action, weight, and visual appeal makes them a go-to option for serious anglers looking to maximize their catch in varying current conditions. Whether you're targeting fast-moving pelagic fish or bottom-dwelling heavyweights, the Semy Collection provides the reliability and effectiveness needed for a successful day on the water.

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