Tribute - Slow Pitch Jigging Rod

Tribute - Slow Pitch Jigging Rod

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Introducing the Tribute Slow Pitch Jigging Rod, a masterpiece that stands as the epitome of slow pitch jigging technology. This rod is a tribute to the traditional Japanese design, where the art of slow pitch jigging originated, and it embodies the precision and craftsmanship revered in these classic styles.

Crafted with a full carbon fiber blank, the Tribute is a marvel in the world of fishing rods. This high-quality material ensures the rod is not only incredibly strong but also exceptionally lightweight. This ultra-lightweight design, a fundamental feature of the Tribute, allows for extended use without the fatigue commonly associated with heavier rods.

The rod is equipped with premium Fuji titanium guides, known for their resilience and smoothness. These guides minimize line friction, enhancing the angler's control and sensitivity during every phase of jigging. The use of titanium also contributes to the overall lightness of the rod while ensuring durability in harsh saltwater conditions.

The Tribute Slow Pitch Jigging Rod offers an extensive range of power options, from power 0 for ultra-light jigging to power 10 for deep-water challenges. This versatility makes it suitable for various species and depths, ensuring that every angler finds the perfect match for their preferred style of jigging.

What sets the Tribute apart is its superior sensitivity, unrivaled by any other rod on the market. This exceptional sensitivity ensures that even the slightest nibbles are detected, allowing anglers to respond swiftly for a successful catch.

The Tribute is not just a fishing rod; it is a testament to the perfection of slow pitch jigging rods. It's one of the most technically advanced rods available, with no equal in the market. For anglers who demand the best in terms of performance, sensitivity, and design, the Tribute Slow Pitch Jigging Rod is the ultimate choice.

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Really effective jigs for big Bluefin tuna, their glow is unreal.

San Diego, CA

The quality of this jigs is outstanding. 100% recommended

Mike Jackson
Lousiana, LA

This jigs are the best Slow Pitch Jigging, I caught over 35 species of fish with them

Tony Bargas
Miami, FL

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