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Foundation- 6'0 Solid Carbon Slow Pitch Jigging Rod

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Introducing the "Foundation- Solid Carbon Slow Pitch Jigging Rod" – Your Gateway to Deep-Sea Adventure!

Crafted from solid carbon and measuring a versatile 6 feet in length, this rod is designed with entry-level fishermen in mind. It's your ideal companion for fishing in depths ranging from 80ft to 400ft of water. Lightweight yet incredibly powerful, it offers the perfect balance between ease of use and exceptional performance.

Unleash your inner angler and explore the depths with confidence. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, the Fundation Slow Pitch Jigging Rod is your ticket to a world of exciting fishing opportunities. Get ready to reel in your next big catch!

Why choose us


We support our Slow Pitch Jigging community creating some of the most effective jigs.



Really effective jigs for big Bluefin tuna, their glow is unreal.

San Diego, CA

The quality of this jigs is outstanding. 100% recommended

Mike Jackson
Lousiana, LA

This jigs are the best Slow Pitch Jigging, I caught over 35 species of fish with them

Tony Bargas
Miami, FL

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