-Chad Busiere

When Jorge invited me to become a part of the JygPro family he also gave me the freedom to build on what is an already great team. I wanted to add some of the best jig fisherman I know and luckily for me I didn't have to look too far to fill the spots. The following members are some of the best people and fisherman that I've had the pleasure to meet and I'm proud to be able to add them as Pro Staff for JygPro.

Instagram: @all_coast_jigging


- Rob Jenkins ( AKA Secret Squirrel )

 Rob is one of the true OG members of the SPJ community here in the States and is one of the best jig fishermen I know. He seems to prefer to stay under the radar, so some might not have seen him much on social media, but he’s a class act full of knowledge. Rob is always tinkering and trying to find the next best thing or idea.

 Everyone that fishes the Wyld has Rob to thank, it was his brainchild and he did all of the prototyping, molding, and saw it through to a finished product. He also has a hand in almost if not all the JygPro jigs. He’s one of the true pillars of our sport and a great friend. I personally have Rob to thank for a lot of what I know.

 Jygpro is blessed to have such a member on the team.



- Derek Engle 

At this point if you’re active on social media and follow fishing here in FL there’s a good chance you’ve seen or heard of Derek. Not only is Derek a great jig fisherman, but he is one of the most versatile anglers I know. Whether it’s micro jigging in less than 50’ or jigging over 1000’ he always seems to get it done. He is a highly competitive individual and he puts everything he has into fishing while out on the water.

Derek has had some amazing catches on the Jig in almost every depth imaginable with more to come. He will be a valuable addition to the JYG team and will push us even further in the jigging world.

Instagram: @derek_engle



Ryan Smith -

 When it comes to describing Ryan there’s one word that comes to mind - Determined. Ryan is fairly new to the slow pitch jigging game, but you wouldn’t know it because of his drive to learn everything there is about the topic. Whether it’s reading all the information online or reaching out to seasoned guys- he will do whatever it takes to add to his arsenal of knowledge. Quickly becoming a recognized name in the community I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of him.

 Ryan has done a great job of opening the idea of Slow Pitch Jigging to the Panhandle of FL with his Facebook group Gulf Coast Slow Jigging. Not only is he in search of knowledge for himself, but he is happy to pay it forward to the newer guys. He is a great asset to the team, and I look forward to seeing his continued growth.

Instagram: @gulf_coast_slow_jigging


-Tristan Terorotua

 I’ve known Tristan for many years now and have always appreciated his open-mindedness and approach to the fishing community. Tristan has a great love and passion for multiple styles of fishing. Whether it’s chasing snakeheads in South Florida on top water or world record fish on the jig in the Maldives, he has the capability and know how to accomplish both.

Tristan also brings a lot to the table with his fishing industry experience. Having someone like him as a part of our team will really help with product development and testing.

Instagram: @tristan_tero51



- Joshua Hanna

 Josh is a silent killer while on the water, he just keeps to himself and before you know it he has a 30lb grouper on the deck. Calm and patient, his persistence always seems to pay off. Josh is another one who is always looking for knowledge and does a great job of putting it to use. Every trip Josh seems to land one of the largest fish on the boat.

 Not only is he a great fisherman but he’s just an all-around great guy and seems to get along with everyone. I’m very happy to be able to bring him aboard.

 Instagram: @tampabay_outdoorsman



- Corey Byther ( California )

 If you fish the Southern California long range boats, chances are you know Corey. Upon meeting him, you’ll quickly realize his passion for the jigging technique. His dedication to growing and sharing the SPJ and Vertical Jigging technique in a fishery traditionally ruled by bait fisherman is what sets him apart. He understands that there is always more to learn and is willing to pass his knowledge on to the next person so that they can succeed as well.

Corey’s years of experience and presence as one of the top guys in the SoCal jigging scene makes him a valuable addition to our team.

Welcome aboard!

Instagram: @bytherman