Gulf Coast Fishing Report-

This past Thursday though Saturday provided many opportunities for offshore enthusiasts to make the runs to their favorite winter time spots. From the West coast of Florida to Texas!

On the West Coast of Florida @Aaron Lownie put some Jumbo Kitty Mitchell’s and Yellow Edge grouper on board deep Jigging with the JYGPROFISHING STRYKE jigs. The STRYKE and SEMY jigs are very versatile and a preferred option for the deep jigging. If you haven’t seen the video I put out on instagram @Gulf_Coast_Slow_Jigging…I typically like to start with a STRYKE to test the jigging conditions to see what weight and shapes the current, wind, and drift will allow me to use that day. We also saw several Gag grouper caught and released which are some of the funnest bottom species to play tug of war with on the jigging gear. It’s normal to see several Gags caught from Panama City to the West Coast of Florida however I received several reports and pictures out of Pensacola, Alabama, and Louisiana of Rusty Belly’s from 240’-350’! Up to 50lbs. The Descending Act- The law requires anglers to possess either a venting tool or a descending device to be rigged and ready when fishing for reef fish species. These rules apply to Federal waters in the Gulf Of Mexico.

Scamp Grouper closed past the 20 Fathom break February 1st but the weather window further west in Louisiana hit earlier last week and some 20lb class scamps made the team fishing the JYGPROFISHING EYEDROP jigs. Fish Rules is a great app to have but it can be confusing to navigate for some. When you search for the species Scamp it displays “OPEN” if you click on “additional regulations” you will see that it will re open past the 20 fathom break April 1st.

Now for the Pelagic’s…I had been keeping an eye on Hiltons leading up to the weather window and I can confirm that the Blue water is pushed way out creating a nutrient enriched Green/Brown water as far as most boats can reach. This is less ideal for targeting Tuna and Wahoo. On Friday JYGPROFISHING Ambassadors Dylan and Blaine @CoastalWorldWide ran their 22’ single engine Seapro over 100 miles in search of Giant Yellow Fin Tuna with success on the spin gear. They also were able to get some nice Black fin Tuna on the JYGPROFISHING RYP lures. Cast, let the RYP sink below the marks…if you don’t get the hit on the fall you’ll get it when you rip it back to the surface.

Louisiana put several 100-200 plus class fish on the boats and filled in the cracks with some Schoolie size Blackfin and Yellowfin.

I didn’t personally see or receive any great reports of Wahoo, Mahi, or Yellowfin holding on the FADs out of Pensacola FL but there were several caught from Mississippi and Louisiana.

The weather over the next 10 days does not look promising for offshore fishing on the GOM but things change quickly and it’s best to be prepared this time of year to hit the windows you can.
Report by Ryan Smith/@gulf_coast_slow_jigging

Puerto Rico Fishing Report

Today, Thursday, February 8, begins the

Entrance of a cold front throughout the

Northwest, north and northeast coast of Puerto Rico where there will be strong waves and winds from the

West, northwest and north for five consecutive days. Which is dangerous for boat fishermen and shore fishermen.

But in the meantime, from Thursday to Monday, the southwest, south and southeast coast of Puerto Rico presents several good days for jigging and shore fishing. Potential places of capture these days are the areas from Mayagüez to Cabo Rojo for shore fishermen or inshore fishing on boats. For jigging fishing in kayaks or boats starting from ponce to patillas and will also be favorable for shore fishermen. Then the east area starting from the village of ceiba to Maunabo, shore and boat fishermen will have several favorable fishing days. Remember that these are forecasts that can have several conditions every day. For more details you can make your query through Latin jygprofishing where you can have more accurate reports on the day.

Report by Victor Garcia/@a_pescar_por_mi_isla_