Gulf Coast Fishing Report: 
 Like clockwork we are starting to see the winter windows for offshore fishing become more abundant! Historically February has always been one of my favorite months to fish along the Gulf Coast… Last week We set out on an R&D trip with Captain Zach Courtney out of Pascagoula, Mississippi…Our intentions were to capitalize on what seemed like an all but guaranteed giant Yellowfin Tuna Jig bite…Thursday, we received reports of multiple 200lb class Yellowfin being caught on jigs along with 100-150lb fish filling in the gaps. So, we got the team together and headed straight for the action loaded up with some new products for testing. As luck would have it by Friday morning the Tuna had moved off the lumps and out to deep water in search of stable temps before the incoming front Saturday…however we had everything we needed to make our own luck…After realizing with over 50 boats in the fleet fishing the area for Tuna without a sniff we pulled up and ran for warmer cleaner water…Right away it was obvious that we made a good move…during our first drift we noticed some fish elevated in the column so everyone raced the jigs up and got into a nice school of Wahoo…Since we weren’t specifically targeting wahoo we took our chances with 100lb flouro landing 1 of 4 hooked Hoos…Realizing we had Wahoo in the area I rigged up with a set of the JYGPROFISHING Steel assist hooks on the bottom of the jig only…I use this method in the hopes that if the toothy fish makes connection with the hooks the mouth is separated from the leader connection…By the next drift the AJs and Sharks had caught onto us pushing us off the spot and out to deeper water.
At this point we set out to target new species on jigs…Our first stop got the job done for Tristan after he caught his first Bearded Brotula on the JYGPROFISHING Stryke 440g and the new Tribute power 8 rod…Shortly after I landed a nice grade Yellow Edge Grouper on the JYGPROFISHING Stryke 340g and the Tribute power 6…Knowing the area was typically a 2 and done spot we bumped out to 1000’ and spent a couple of hours catching Aliens in the deep which will be included in the latest JYGPROFISHING YouTube video…I encourage you to subscribe and turn on notifications for up to date product development, technical info, and some great trips!...After having some fun in the deep we pushed back in to see if the Tuna had showed up and arrived to large group still grinding in hopes of an afternoon surge that ultimately never came. We picked up an African Pompano then headed in to clean our fish…
As I write this report the weather continues to shop hope for near future opportunities…JYGPROFISHING Ambassadors Dylan and Blaine aka Coastal Worldwide on YouTube and social media will be out tomorrow jigging with our goof friend Capt. Boe Strange out of Dauphin Island, AL. Also Ambassadors Tyler Mistich and Andrew Godley are going to send it out of Louisiana!...Follow them on social media and we will get full reports to share as well.
One thing is certain…Slow Pitch Jigging and Jigging in general is taking the Gulf by storm here at JYGPROFISHING you are getting local knowledge and original products tested right here in the back yard by some of the best in the business…we love this sport and all that it brings! For newcomers JYGPRO FISHING Ambassadors Tristan Terorotua and Rob Jenkins just put out a 2 hour seminar on Slow Pitch Jigging which you can find here! https://youtu.be/k25xwd0818A?si=Xh3yyz1PaFmd6ThV Don’t forget to leave feedback and questions for us! We are here to help JYGPROFISHING customers and enjoy doing so!
Report by Ryan Smith/@gulf_coast_slow_jigging
Southeast FL Fishing report:

Offshore fishing is beginning to heat up even though the weather has been steadily cool. Early arrivals of medium to large size blackfin tuna are beginning to fill in on those deeper spots, as well as sailfish and dolphin pushing through on the ledge. This time of year can pose opportunities to send it to the deeper water due to the lack of ripping current.

Inshore fishing is trending towards slowing down for a while because of the massive outlet of bacteria-filled water from Lake Okeechobee, but the fresh water bite is still steadily good in deeper warmer pockets.

Report by Spencer Jackson/@spencer__14
Puerto Rico Fishing Report:
North coast
During the early morning there will be 10 mile per hour northeastern winds through out the north coast of Puerto Rico.  After 11 am the winds will pick up to 14 miles per hour, pushing waves of 4 to 6 feet.  If you are a jigger you can take advantage of the morning window before 11 am.  If you are a shore fisherman be cautious of rocky terrain, as the waves will be significant and powerful.  We recommend you seek protected shorelines for safer fishing conditions. 

Southern / Western  Coasts:
During the morning winds and waves will be favorable for shore fishing.  Those fishermen who will fish on boats, from Salinas to Guayanilla, will have a window of opportunity for favorable conditions until 1:00 pm.  Thereafter, from Guánica to Mayagüez, conditions will be good for the practice of all fishing techniques. 

East Coast
6:00 am to 9:00 am from Ceiba to Yabucoa there will be an opportunity for good fishing conditions before 12-15 miles per hour winds arrive.  Waves will continue to be moderate. 

Report by Victor Garcia/@a_pescar_por_mi_isla_