Week of 12/18/23-12/24/23 Fishing Report

South East FL Fishing Report:
Yesterday I had the pleasure of fishing offshore with Jonah Bennett and his father on their beautiful 37’ Freeman Boatworks. We fished 2 kites with 3 baits on each catching Mahi, Kingfish, Bonitas, and a Sail in just a few hours while staying comfortable in 8 foot seas. Truly incredible what that vessel can accomplish.

Got home around noon and proceeded to catch my record number of black crappie in my residential lakes with 3 reaching the 16 inch mark, along with some peacock and largemouth bass, all on the lightweight crappie jig in white and chartreuse.
Report by Spencer Jackson/@spencer__14
Fishing Report Puerto Rico Edition:
This edition focuses on guidance for shore anglers and boaters:
Expect strong winds and high waves on Tuesday across the north, south, east, and northwest shores of Puerto Rico. A brief period of calmer seas is predicted in the Mayaguez region for early morning inshore fishing.
Offshore fishing prospects are currently unfavorable. Shore anglers on the north coast should avoid fishing from rocky outcrops due to anticipated heavy surf this week. Safer alternatives include sheltered spots like bays, lakes, and lagoons.
Shore fishing is viable in the east, south, southwest, and west up to Mayaguez. However, the northern area near Rincón may experience some wave activity.
Wednesday to Friday are expected to mirror Tuesday’s conditions.
A noticeable improvement is forecasted for Saturday in the eastern, southern, and western regions, favoring techniques like jigging, spinning, and micro jigging from both shorelines and boats. The southern offshore zone shows potential, but anglers should stay informed as conditions might shift. These predictions are subject to daily changes.
Report by Victor Garcia/@a_pescar_por_mi_isla_