Week of 12/11/23-12/17/23 Fishing Report

Week of 12/11/23-12/17/23 Fishing Report

Puerto Rico Report
This week's report is for shore fishermen and boaters:
On Tuesday, we have warnings of strong winds and waves on the north, south, east, and northwest coasts of Puerto Rico. A small window of opportunity opens in the Mayaguez area for inshore fishing in the morning.
Offshore fishing conditions are not favorable. If you are a shore fisherman on the north coast, it is not advisable to fish from the rocks to the sea due to the strong waves expected throughout the week. We recommend looking for protected places such as bays, lakes, and lagoons.
You can also practice shore fishing throughout the east, south, southwest, and west areas up to Mayaguez, as the northern part of Rincón will experience some swell.
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will see similar conditions. It's not until Saturday that the conditions seem to improve in the east, south, and west areas of Puerto Rico for jigging, spinning, and micro jigging from the shore and any type of boat. Offshore fishing in the southern zone looks promising, but we must always stay updated with our reports as conditions can change. Let's remember that these are forecasts that can vary from day to day.
Written by Victor Garcia/@a_pescar_por_mi_isla_
Southeast Florida Fishing Report

Offshore: Weather conditions are pretty bad with winds exceeding 35 MPH and waves reaching 6ft+. 

Inshore: As water temperatures drop, Pompano, Spanish Mackerel, and Bluefish are abundant. Keep an eye out for unexpected encounters with a Cobia or a smoker kingfish.

Freshwater: When the cold air chills the surface of the water, crappie, peacock bass, and largemouth bass become more active in the deeper parts of lakes. 

By: Spencer Jackson