Week of 1/22/24-1/28/24 Fishing Report

South East Florida Fishing Report 
This week, the offshore fishing scene continues to thrive, showcasing all the familiar winter highlights. With each passing cold front, we're seeing an uptick in sailfish activity, while tuna presence grows stronger as spring draws closer. Moreover, the period leading up to the full moon is shaping up to be prime time for wahoo, with prospects improving day by day. However, the real excitement lies in the deep waters. The opening of the Golden Tile season has turned any favorable weather condition into a golden opportunity to hook a massive Golden Tilefish using artificial lures. Venturing deeper into the ocean could lead to a highly rewarding catch, considering the Golden Tilefish is among the most sought-after and delicious deep-sea species.

Whether you're using a stryke, semy, or eye drop jig, there's a chance to land this coveted species on an artificial lure, offering an immensely satisfying fishing experience. The deep sea also holds a treasure trove of potential bycatch, particularly at this time of year. The usual suspects include the Blackbelly Rosefish, Blackfin Tuna, Atlantic Bonito, and you might even reel in a Pomfret or Swordfish if you're fishing deep enough. Meanwhile, shallower deep-jigging spots are proving to be hotspots for various grouper species such as Snowy, Yellowedge, and Warsaw, among others. These areas are also home to numerous snapper species, including Yelloweyes, Vermilion, Blackfin Snapper, and more.

The inshore fishing forecast is just as promising, with numerous chances to catch unusually large Bluefish, a winter visitor to our waters. The beaches are gradually becoming more populated with Jacks as we edge closer to spring, complemented by a consistent bite from Pompano and Spanish Mackerel. Remember, you won't catch anything if you're sitting at home!

Report by Spencer Jackson/@spencer__14
Gulf Coast Fishing Report- 
As the Panhandle feels the onset of cooler temperatures, the inshore fishing scene is alight with excitement. The pursuit of Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Pompano is intensifying as we delve into the Florida winter, with Sheepshead also emerging as a coveted catch. Anglers are increasingly congregating around bridge pilings and inshore structures, armed with small jig heads adorned with fiddler crabs to snag these fish. The JYGPROFISHING crappie jigs, available in an array of colors and sizes, are tailored to meet the diverse needs of anglers, considering the prevailing currents and water clarity. Their robustness and adaptability render them ideal for targeting a wide range of inshore species. Our trials with the JYGPROFISHING pompano jigs have revealed them to be another flexible choice for fishing off piers and beaches, successfully attracting Pompano, Redfish, and Mangrove snapper in the same vicinity off Pensacola Beach.

When it comes to surf fishing for Pompano and Winter Reds, utilizing Pomp jigs and Crappie jigs has proven effective. I prefer positioning my set rigs strategically in the rips, on the sandbar, and just behind it. Remarkably, many catches have been made just a few feet from the shoreline with my casting rig. The Inshore PRO series of rods, known for their lightweight, strength, and capacity for long casts, are ideal for this type of fishing. For beach anglers, reducing the braid to 10lb can significantly increase casting distance. Catching fish on surf rigs is always enjoyable, but the thrill of sight fishing with these nimble rods and lures is unparalleled. It's an experience worth trying!

On the offshore front, conditions remain inconsistent across the board. The scarcity of calm weather windows has left many awaiting the ideal opportunity to venture out to the Rigs, ditches, FADs, and hard-bottom ledges in search of their catch. A brief window on Sunday allowed some boats to return with Swordfish, Tuna, and Grouper. The presence of these species is known; we're just awaiting a favorable nod from Mother Nature. I'm optimistic that with the fishery currently under minimal pressure, we'll soon witness an abundance of Grouper, Snapper, Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi, and other sought-after species, promising exceptional fishing opportunities as soon as conditions permit.
Report by Ryan Smith/@gulf_coast_slow_jigging

Puerto Rico Fishing Report
From Thursday to Sunday, the forecast predicts highly favorable conditions for boat fishing around the island, which should delight anglers looking to venture offshore. Those who prefer to fish from the shore will not be left wanting, as there are expected to be numerous spots that offer protection from the wind and waves, ensuring a pleasant fishing experience. Additionally, the lakes on the island are likely to provide serene and fruitful settings for those interested in freshwater fishing.

As the week progresses, particularly on Monday the 29th and Tuesday the 30th, the weather conditions are anticipated to improve even further. This period is expected to be especially conducive for activities such as jigging, a technique often used to target fish in deeper waters, as well as for continued enjoyment of shore fishing. These days could present the perfect opportunity for anglers to explore various fishing spots across the island, each potentially offering a unique fishing experience and an abundance of fish species.

Report by Victor Garcia/@a_pescar_por_mi_isla_