Week of 1/1/24-1/7/24 FISHING REPORT


This weeks calm weather posed many opportunities for getting offshore. Golden tile season is now open and they have not been fished hard in months, so they should be biting good. When jigging deep this time of year, we also see lots of welcome bycatch such as Blackfin tuna, Atlantic Bonito, and black belly rose fish, which are all great table fare. Lots of sailfish are pushing down the coast on the cold fronts, and wahoos are biting steadily. Now is the time to go! Catch em up!

Report by Spencer Jackson/@spencer__14



Seas have been an issue this winter for the guys looking to make the 50-plus-mile runs out of Destin, Pensacola, Alabama, and Louisiana. This past Wednesday, we were lucky enough to get a day with variable winds, which laid the seas nearly flat!

I got a call from my buddy Henry (Everett29h) late Tuesday to hit the Swordfish grounds. I immediately set the alarm for 1:30 AM and started getting the gear ready. I grabbed the Power 10 Tribute and a couple of casting rods.

After a short drive to Orange Beach Wednesday morning, we kicked off the dock at 4 AM and pointed Ryan's (@rkh_86) 37' Regulator due south.

We had one big factor working against us: the full moon the night before. As expected, the bait was thick, and the Swords took full advantage the previous night. After several drifts jigging and having bait down, we had one nice swipe at the jig and two hits on the down rod. We managed to capitalize on a nice Pomfret from one of those hits! It was a new species for me, and I can't wait to spend a few full days jigging those grounds.

We pulled up and headed to a rig, spending the last few hours jigging and popping the Tuna. All in all, there are no bad days on the water when you make it home safe, along with a few memorable moments 🤙.

The weather is starting to show promise, and I expect to see many more epic trips after the new year!

Report by Ryan Smith/@gulf_coast_slow_jigging



Friday: The eastern, southern, and western coasts will be in good condition for all types of fishing, including inshore, offshore, and shore fishing.

Saturday: The conditions will change slightly, but shore fishing and inshore fishing will remain good until midday. Thereafter, winds will pick up.

Monday and Tuesday: Conditions will become more challenging for inshore and offshore fishing around the island. However, fishermen onshore will have good opportunities for catches (shore jigging).

Wednesday: Conditions will become favorable for all types of fishing modalities.

Report by Victor Garcia/@a_pescar_por_mi_isla_