Last week I decided to take a last minute trip back home to New Jersey to get on some of the best Striped Bass fishing they have seen in some time. Nothing but 30-40+lb Stripers on topwater, swimbaits, and flutter spoons. With all that in mind I knew it was a perfect opportunity to finally slow pitch a giant striper.

Stripper Slow Pitch Jigging

After a long day of catching plenty of Stripers on topwater with my good friends it time to set out for my goal. As we rode up on an insane feed of all 40+lb Stripers I knew it was time. While my friends decided to still throw topwaters I grabbed my slow pitch rod and dropped down my 200g JYG Deep in Pink Glow. Fish all over the fish finder it was only a matter of time. After taking 3 jigs mid water column. Just like that it was game on with my first Striped Bass. Just like the flutter spoons they use I had a good feeling the JYG Deep 200g would be a perfect match.

Although it may be heavier than what most flutter spoons are, the flutter and fall time on the JYG Deeps are very similar when fished in the same technique. Catching a Striper on Slow Pitch Jigging has been a goal of mine since I first discovered this amazing technique in 2017.


Expand your range of fishing technique, Think Deeper!


-Pickle Ricky