Successful day of prospecting

If you live in FL then you know how difficult its been to find a weather window to allow for a far run offshore, Luckily for us we finally found one. With a slight break in the continuous fronts we were able to get a crew together to make the run.

Myself, Derek Engle, Marvin Engle, Derek's girlfriend Jess and last but not least Ryan Smith

The plan for the day was to make the run out and do some prospecting of new areas and to test out some new products for JygPro, both of which were a great success. We left the dock around 3am and arrived at the first spot right around sunrise, we were ideally looking for Kitty Mitchell Grouper and Yellowedge Grouper. We all dropped the jigs to the bottom and within minutes we all came tight to some solid fish. Unfortunately they were all Gag Grouper and Red Snapper, both of which are out of season. Regardless of the species they are always a great time and awesome fish to test new products and tackle on. The biggest thing when catching fish such as these is to make sure each fish is vented and dropped back down on a descending device which we did. The bite continued for a solid hour, One after another Gag after Gag we had non stop action on the jigs. We also picked up some jacks along the way and Ryan caught a really cool Lionfish on the jig.

Derek caught the fattest Gag Grouper we have all ever seen and Ryan got his PB Gag on the jig so that was awesome to see. I was testing a new Jig we have developed and so far so good, such a great action and fishes very easily. I believe it will be a great producer once released.


Tight Lines